DPAC: Summer of Discontent

Two actions from Disabled People Against Cuts’ week of action: first at the Department of Transport with the RMT, where they are kept waiting in trying to hand over a petition to keep guards on trains, then at ATOS headquarters to protest the inhumane PIP assessments that have lead to thousands of disabled people dying – even the DWP say 4,000 have died. DPAC are now calling for a boycott of all companies linked to ATOS (such as Santander, Vodaphone and EDF) in order to take the contract away from them once and for all.

Pensioners Parliament calls for free social care at the point of need

The National Pensioners Convention delivered a defiant manifesto at their annual Pensioners Parliament in Blackpool this week. Condemning the Tories plans for the dementia tax, means tested winter fuel payments and removal of the triple lock pension, they called for social care free at the point of need, a state pension at a level of 70% of the living wage, and maintenance of universal benefits – and, alongside Disabled People Against Cuts, vowed to take to the streets to fight for them, whatever the Government.