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1.  21.10.23: 350,000 march for peace in London (Reel News; 6:37)

  1. Workers for a Free Palestine shut down Israeli arms factory (Reel News; 5:13)
  2. 28.10.23: Half a million march for Palestine (Reel News; 2:19)
  3. UK Jews demand an immediate ceasefire (Reel News; 2:57)
  4. Bristol school students strike (Reel News; 5:57)
  5. 11.11.23: One million march for Palestine (Reel News; 13:36)
  6. Elbit 8 – on trial for disrupting the flow of arms to Israel (Reel News; 2:11)
  7. Healthworkers for a Free Palestine demand a ceasefire (Reel News; 8:21)
  8. Fossil Free London blockade BP HQ for profiting from genocide (Reel News; 1:53)
  9. Boycott Puma! (Reel News; 4:54)
  10. Huge Hackney march demands council backs ceasefire (Reel News; 4:49)
  11. Biggest Na’amod rally yet calls for ceasefire (Reel News; 9:43)
  12. Shetland Islands call for a ceasefire (Reel News; 3:26)
  13. Palestine Global Day of Action: Banner Drop at Parliament (Reel News; 0:50)
  14. Brighton activists target factory making devices to bomb Gaza (Jak Hutchcraft; 5:36)
  15. Outrage as Hackney Council continues to fund Israel’s genocide (Reel News; 6:49)
  16. Palestine Global Day of Action: UK universities walk out (Reel News; 6:05)
  17. Workers for a Free Palestine shut down four arms factories (Reel News; 6:18)


    1. St Mungo’s march for the future of the homelessness sector (Reel News; 4:46)
    2. Crying for the Carolines: Stop Drax’s destruction (Reel News/Pete Deane; 3:23)
    3. Huge march over ticket office closures (Reel News; 7:03)
    4. Leicester garment workers demo (Reel News; 8:32)

TOTAL 119 mins 18 secs