#Fightingon! Happy Xmas from the Durham TAs

The Durham lions become the Durham lumiere to say Happy Xmas! The fight goes on though – although they forced the council into a massive climbdown with offers of talks and the suspension of the sacking and reengagement on new contracts, the council are still not offering anything concrete. If the negotiations don’t guarantee the preservation of current pay and conditions, the lions will roar again – at a moment’s notice.

Voices of the Spied On: Lisa Jones




Lisa Jones was an environmental and social justice activist. In 2010 she discovered that her partner of six years, Mark Stone, was actually undercover police officer Mark Kennedy.
She gathered evidence, confronted and exposed him. This began a slew of revelations that dragged the murky world of the political secret police into the light.
Eschewing media exposure, Jones was one of eight women who took legal action against the police and, after a gruelling four years in the courts, received an unprecedented apology late last year. Now she is coming forward to tell the story for herself.


This film is an account of the system of blacklisting operated by the UK construction industry.  It describes how the industry operated a secret blacklist to prevent workers who would make an issue of safety or poor employment practices getting employment.  It also describes the evidence of state involvement in this practice and the struggle by construction workers for a degree of justice.

West Ham steward speaks out over Olympic stadium shambles

This is what happens when you outsource your stewarding operation to a company with no experience of football and no willingness to learn: chaos, crowd trouble and a serious accident waiting to happen. A West Ham steward speaks out about the real causes of the problems at the Olympic Stadium – is it time for West Ham fans to follow Liverpool fans’ example and stage a walkout?

Unprecedented unity on strike to save our post offices

Around 4,000 crown post office workers, admin staff and supply chain staff in the CWU take strike action with UNITE managerial staff for the first time ever to fight the threat of privatisation, and to put forward the idea of a “people’s bank” as a positive future for Britain’s post offices. This will be a major battle – and CWU general secretary Dave Ward says he “will not discourage” members of the public from occupying post offices to save them from closure. More strikes and actions to follow.