Major construction dispute erupts in Teesside

Mass pickets at the Wilton Centre, near Redcar bring traffic chaos and local approval as UNITE, GMB and UCATT members take joint action for the first time in 20 years. They are now on their 16th Friday of direct action and civil disobedience against the conditions on a new construction project, run by SITA UK.

SITA UK are exploiting foreign workers and marginalising local workers at the project by paying foreign workers as little as 6 – 8 euros an hour – way short of the £16.10 an hour they should be paying according to the NAECI national industry agreement.

The pickets are demanding that everyone is treated equally – pay the foreign workers the proper rate, and give the many experienced local workers a chance of employment. This is a major dispute – and in the words of one picket, “it needs to go national.”

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Direct action wins the day as spectacular & immediate victory humiliates bullying construction bosses at Canary Wharf. 27-7-15

On Monday REEL NEWS attended an inspiring action by supporters of the Blacklist Support Group at the site of Morgan Stanley in the heart of the Canary Wharf financial district. Though in modest numbers the determination of picketers caught both the police and private security off guard. The site entrance was blocked with all 2 workers respecting the picket line. Nearby the management, their private security and the police stood around scratching their heads wondering what to do. There were scuffles at the front door when the protest moved to the main entrance. Within a few hours of the protest management capitulated.

Blacklist Support Group Press Release:

Graeme Boxall, the UNITE shop steward sacked at the Morgan Stanley HQ in Canary Wharf on Friday has been re-employed.
See link to today’s Morning Star front page head
line for details:…

Graeme was dismissed immediately after he requested direct employment for the electricians he represents but following a picket line this morning, negotiations took place between UNITE official Guy Langston and Lee Crompton Phoenix Managing Director. The outcome was that the sacked steward is now re-employed and the union will participate in continuing talks with the company about the direct employment issue.

Police threatened to arrest pickets and managers tried to intimidate the pickets by waving paperwork in front of them saying, “you are on private property and this is document is a High Court injunction which bans this protest”
The rank and file sparks reply was, “so what?”

Following the successful re-employment, protests have now been suspended to allow the union to negotiate the outstanding issues.

Graeme Boxall commented:
“I would like to say a massive ‘Thank You’ to all those who came down to support me today. I would especially like to thank the vast majority of construction workers on site who showed such solidarity by respecting the picket line, despite all the intimidation from the police and senior managers.
Millions of workers are being denied their basic employment rights by the use of zero hours contracts, employment agencies and umbrella scams. But we don’t have to passively accept these abuses. Today has proved that if we fight back, we can win”.

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Video from Thomas Wood:

Fiasco at Blacklist Trial

Another attempt to criminalise the right to protest was thwarted today – by Tory cuts to the crown prosecution service. Due to staff shortages, not enough time was allocated to the trial of Blacklist Support Group secretary, Dave Smith, for a peaceful protest. As a result the trial had to be adjourned today, and will no go ahead on January 25/26 2016.

Dave was arrested on a protest over the sacking of UNITE member Dan Collins from the Crossrail project:

For the background to blacklisting and the campaign against it up to two years ago, watch this (Frank Morris won his reinstatement shortly after this film was made):


National Gallery flashmob against privatisation

Friday July 17: Campaigners descend on the national Gallery to demand an end to privatisation plans, and for the reinstatement of leading PCS rep there, Candy Udwin – sacked for daring to ask a question about the cost of privatisation.

Workers at the Gallery took their 50th day of strike action this week, with a ballot now underway for an all out strike starting in August.

Earlier this week, Glasgow care workers finally won after being on all out strike for 17 weeks:

UNISON Branch Statement – Homeless Caseworkers Dispute

After seventeen weeks of all-out strike action the Glasgow Homeless Caseworkers have voted by a clear majority to accept an offer from the employer. The offer was recommended to a mass meeting today (21 July) by the union branch and the striking shop stewards and secures the central demand of the dispute – parity on Grade 6 with other frontline social care staff. The offer creates 68 new Grade 6 posts with the council describing that number as a floor. The three temporary caseworkers whose substantive posts are Grade 4 will be given permanent Grade 5 posts elsewhere in the homeless service. There will be a reduction in management posts through voluntary early retirement.

The council has insisted on an assessment process for the new Grade 6 posts and will not make any backdated payment. These were the reasons why those who voted to stay out did so. However the union will be consulted on the nature of the assessment process and workers will receive a one-off payment of £350 whilst the assessment process is completed.

The strike has been successful in winning a £1,000 increase following the assessment process, rising to £5,000 by 2018. In addition, the council has been forced to concede an acceptable number of Grade 6 posts. The assessment process and the lack of any backdated money are a disappointment. In a climate of huge cuts to local government and against a hard-nosed management who tried to undermine the action by using other agencies then the overall outcome of the strike should be celebrated. The seventy strikers conducted themselves magnificently. The UNISON Glasgow Branch is so proud of them – we know that many others across the trade union movement feel the same. Well done to the Glasgow Homeless Strikers!

Thank you to all those who donated so generously to the strike fund, invited the strikers to speak at your meetings and sent messages of support.


Biomass and Coal: Axe Drax demo

Wood and coal campaigners gather outside power station Drax’s AGM to protest over the increasing carbon emissions resulting from burning wood as well as coal. This is also leading to deforestation, displacement of communities and serious pollution problems. Stop the Government subsidies – time to Axe Drax.

Reel News Film Night: Reclaim Brixton, Community Organising and Building Mass Movements

reel news brixton night may 15 for webThe defeat of the Labour Party in the election seems to follow the pattern of social democratic parties across Europe being in crisis through implementing the politics of austerity.
In places like Greece and Spain, people who don’t feel represented by any political party have built huge mass movements and formed their own parties – with housing activism being a major driving force.
Are we sseeing the start of our own mass movement in Britain with the growing housing movement and events like Reclaim Brixton?

Join us for a FREE informal night of films, discussion, music and drinks as we show:

RECLAIM BRIXTON (Reel News 2015) 15:29
Thousands take part in the Reclaim Brixton to send a powerful message to Lambeth Council: Stop selling Brixton off to property developers and start putting people before profit.

Spawned by the US civil rights movement of the 60s, the Panthers were masters of community organisation in a country with very little political representation.

How a mass movement based on solidarity grew to combat savage austerity measures.

SPAIN: INDIGNADOS – 25-S (Reel News, 2012) 15:41
“They don’t represent us!” Spain’s mass movement surround Parliament in 2012, just before the formation of Podemos.

National Gallery dispute: Candy Udwin sacked

A flashmob descends on the National Gallery to protest over the sacking of PCS rep Candy Udwin In the dispute over privatisation. Show your support for the gallery workers: Join the picket lines for the strike on Weds 20 May, the 10 day strike from Tuesday 26 May to Thursday 4 June, and join the national demonstration in Trafalgar Square on Saturday May 30.

London Met: Stop the Job Cuts

A major battle is brewing at London Metropolitan University, where a clueless management is making 165 job cuts – further perpetuating a download cycle which is ruining a university that gives more opportunities to working class and ethnic minority students than any other university. Strike action is now imminent on Thursday May 21 (NOT April 21 as it says in the video!)

Issue 44, March 2015

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1) March For Homes (Reel News) 10:59 ***PLAY***

Thousands march on City Hall over the housing crisis, ending with anoccupation of the Aylesbury Estate.

2) National Gallery Strike (Reel News) 10:12

PCS members strike against privatisation and the victimisation of a leading rep.

3) 12 Bar Club Occupation (Reel News/FFRUK) 13:45

Bohemians 4 Soho resist the gentrification of Soho by occupying an iconic music venue.

4) Blacklisted: Official Trailer (Reel News) 3:10 ***PLAY***

The long awaited book on the illegal human rights of abuse of blacklisting is finally out.

5) Bailiffs Awards Dinner (Reel News) 2:28

Protestors give bailiffs a lively welcome as they meet for their annual awards dinner.

6) Camden Council: Pay A Living Wage! (Reel News) 8:06

School catering workers and care workers demand the London Living Wage from Labour controlled Camden Council.

7) Guinness Occupation (Reel News) 12:42

Tenants successfully resist the eviction of a disabled man.

8) A Different Kind of Tour: Belfast (Reel News/VfP) 21:26

An historic delegation of ex-soliders from Veterans for Peace meet ex-republican prisoners in Belfast.

9) A Different Kind of Tour: Pat Magee & Jo Berry (Reel News) 5:50

Veterans for Peace meet the man who planted the Brighton bomb and the daughter of an MP who was killed in the blast.

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