ISIS: Huge demonstration in London to support the Kurdish resistance in Kobane

Thousands of people march in London to support the Kurdish resistance in Kobane against ISIS. A lot of anger was directed towards Turkey, who are supporting ISIS militarily and logistically, but no-one wants an occupation by Western powers either. The Kurds can take care of ISIS on their own, if they are given the arms and humanitarian aid to do it – and the PKK need to be delisted as a terrorist organisation too.

Please publicise the following demands:

1) Turkey must open a “corridor” for Kurdish forces to equip themselves against ISIS.

2) Provide military and humanitarian aid to the Kurdish forces and civilians fighting ISIS.

3) Do not permit a “buffer zone” and “no fly zone” in Rojava.

4) Delist PKK, the organisation of the Kurdish foghters resisting against ISIS.

5) Coalition forces mst stop supporting ISIS and allowing it to grow.

6) Impose economic sanctions on states directly supporting ISIS, especially Turkey.

A week of resistance to the Gaza massacre

National demonstration in London called over the bombing of Gaza by Israeli forces. The protest called by the Stop the War Coalition, The Palestinian Soldidarity Campaign, CND, War on Want, BMI, IFE and Friends of Al Aqsa marcheds from Downing street to t

Across the world anger is growing over the constant bombardment of the Gaza strip by the Israeli Defense Forces. The Palestinian death toll has now reached over 400 as the densely populated Hamas controlled area is pounded by shells, missiles and guided bombs. Meanwhile the Israeli death toll after over 1,000 launches of Hamas’ near useless rockets remains at two. One of those being and Israeli soldier killed by his own side which exposes the lie about how “careful” they are being to avoid the deaths of innocent people.

Another source of great anger has been the outrageously biased coverage by most of the mainstream media. Media outlets like the BBC and CCN to name just a few insist on describing these events as a ‘war’ or a ‘conflict’ giving the impression of two equal sides. Gaza has no air force, no air defense and very little capacity to strike Israel as the body counts shows all too well. On Wednesday July 15th protesters took their disgust at the nature of the coverage directly to the BBC in central London.

Despite it being Ramadam thousands of mainly Muslim demonstrators blocked the main road outside of the BBC for several hours. The event remained peaceful with just one minor scuffle when police over stepped the mark trying to prevent people from boarding a stranded bus. They backed off and the vehicle reversed out away from the crowd. Two Zionists also showed up and demonstrated their jaw dropping arrogance by trying to argue down and increasingly hostile crowd. Well done to the demonstrators for refusing to be provoked.

On Friday July 18th activists tried a more direct approach to getting the attention of the UK government by occupying the Cabinet Office in Whitehall with the demand that the UK and others stop supplying arms and money to a rogue state that flouts international law on a daily basis.

It is no secret that Israel would neither be financially nor militarily viable were it not being armed and funded by the west to the tune of several million dollars a day. It is clear that only thing that will make Israel behave itself is intervention from its foreign sponsors.  Not that activists have high expectations from a government that favors Israel at every level. The blatant hypocrisy of the UK government who are turning a blind eye towards British Jews who are fighting with the IDF while arresting British Muslims who take action against the Assad regime in Syria is a recent case in point.

Finally on Saturday July 19th London saw its biggest anti war protest for many year with tens of thousands of people marching from Whitehall to the Israeli embassy.

The organisers claimed that over 100,000 people were in attendance while the BBC and Daily Mail both claimed that around 15,000 had participated. Whatever the actual figure it was clear that yet again a mostly Muslim m0bilisation had brought central London to standstill in blistering heat. During a time of year when most were fasting from sunrise for Ramadam.

It is clear that with a useless neocon like Tony Blair as Middle East peace envoy (what a sick joke!)  and  no sign of Israel growing a conscience any time soon, that the slaughter will continue. So are the protests expected to increase in their size and anger.

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Outrage as Gaza massacre intensifies

On Friday West London saw the biggest protest outside the Embassy of Israel for many years. It was clear that the police had not wanted a repeat of the demonstration a week before when a group had left the designated area and blocked the road for nearly an hour. A larger pen was in evidence, along with a much larger police presence. When people arrived and it was clear that the plan was to contain the protest and keep the road open. However when upwards of ten thousand people arrived within the space of 45 minutes there was little the authorities could other than admit defeat and allow the rally to take place in the middle of the A315.

While the majority of those in attendance were Muslim an increasing number of London based Jews are turning up to show their disgust at what is being done in their name to the people of Gaza. Many activists with duel Israeli/British nationality were there along with the Hasidic Jews already well known for their militant and consistent opposition to crimes against the Palestinian people.

One bus that was stranded in the crowd became a mobile platform for protesters. A broad range of people climbed onto its roof to chant and wave banners. Despite causing immense disruption to what is a major road the police did not intervene and the protest remained peaceful and good natured until its end at around 7.30pm when several hundred people marched from Kensington to Hammersmith.

Meanwhile in Gaza things have become increasingly desperate with the death toll now approaching 200. Not a single Israeli has been killed or wounded by the less than effective rocket attacks launched in retaliation by Hamas. The estimated 800 rockets fired my militants cause little more than severe disruption to the people over the border.

The anti war movement over here have responded by calling a national protest in London next Saturday (July 19th). Before then this Tuesday a protest has been called at the BBC (July 15th) against the blatant support seen in the mainstream media in favour of Israel. The BBC in particular has long been accused of pro Israel bias. One such example is a recent online report that claims to focus on the weapons being used in the conflict. The rockets of Hamas were scrutinised in detail while the missiles, F16s, War Ships and white phosphorous of IDF barely get a mention. A few years ago the BBC caused outrage when they were the only national broadcaster which refused to broadcast the Disaster Emergency Committee appeal for Gaza after Operation Cast Lead which left over 1,400 Gazans dead. The late Tony Benn gave a very memorable interview on the BBC about the issue.

Protest and road block over the bombing in Gaza 11-7-14

PROTEST Saturday July 19th. Assemble 12 noon at Downing street. March to the Israeli Embassy.

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Last ever film night at The Grosvenor: Fighting Gentrification, plus Disabled People Against Cuts

gentrification1 forwebThe Grosvenor as we know and love it will finally close its doors on Aug 2, ruined by property developers – so this is the last ever Reel News film night here….


We’re coming across a lot of people locally who feel that there’s nothing that you can do about gentrification, so we thought the best thing we could do would be to show campaigns from around the world where people are doing something about it – and winning.

Come to the screening and see what they’ve been doing in the USA (including the defeat of property developers in East Harlem), Vancouver in Canada, how they’ve fought evictions in Madrid and Barcelona – and what happened in the astonishing uprising in Burgos in Spain this year, where the building of a new luxury shopping mall was stopped completely.

We will also have activists talking about how they are organising locally, including BILL PERRY from Lambeth Housing Activists.


We’re very pleased to have PAULA PETERS from DPAC speaking, as we show films of recent actions they’ve been involved in – the occupation of Westminster Abbey, and the vigil over the work capability assessment judicial review.

And then we’ll have music and drinks until very late…as always, FREE!

The next South London film night will be October while we spend the next couple of months trying to find another venue with the same sort of ambience…not easy. Any ideas, let us know…

Anger in London over Gaza & West Bank attacks

The escalating violence in occupied Palestine saw angry scenes on the streets of London on Saturday July 5th. This was part of a worldwide protest over recent human rights violations  by the state of Israel.

The recent murder of 3 teenagers from an illegal settlement has seen Israel react with a series of raids, house demolitions and bombings of targets on the Gaza strip. There is no evidence to link Hamas to the murders. In a truly horrific revenge attack settlers kidnapped a Palestinian boy in East Jerusalem and tortured and murdered him. Autopsy finding suggest that he was burned alive by his attackers. Arrests have been made though the homes of the detained individuals face no threat of destruction despite being on stolen land. In another incident caught on camera a cousin of the murdered boy was badly beaten by Israeli police. He is an American citizen so the attack has attracted more publicity than is usual with these cases.

In London, up to 1,000 people attended a protest outside the heavily protected Israeli Embassy in Kensington. A symbolic ‘die in’ at the Embassy gates became a full on blockade with hundreds of people in the road forcing the police to close it. Traffic was briefly diverted and buses stacked up nearby until the police brought in around 80 officers to push the protesters back into their pen across the road from the entrance to the embassy. REEL NEWS remains baffled at how such unlimited police resources remain available to protect the Embassy of a rogue state in these times of cuts and austerity. Meanwhile no officers were available to stop just 7 racists from the fascist Britain First group from invading 2 Mosques down the road in Kent during Ramadam.

Reel News Post-strike social and Fighting Gentrification Special

gentrification1 forweb




This month: not just a chance to hear reportbacks from the huge coordinated strike action on the day (as well as trade unionists being present from the various disputes, Reel News will be filming in London and Birmingham), but a chance to have a practical discussion about what we do in North London about the growing threat of gentrification.

In Hackney, the latest gentrification attack is the buying up of a council estate by a multi-millionaire, where huge rent rises will mean mass evictions. (Read more here:

We’re coming across a lot of people locally who feel that there’s nothing that you can do about gentrification, so we thought the best thing we could do would be to show campaigns from around the world where people are doing something about it – and winning.

Come to the screening and see what they’ve been doing in the USA (including the defeat of property developers in East Harlem), Vancouver in Canada, how they’ve fought evictions in Madrid and Barcelona – and what happened in the astonishing uprising in Burgos in Spain this year, where the building of a new luxury shopping mall was stopped completely.

We will also have activists from Hackney and Haringey talking about how they are organising – including the launching of the campaign against Benyon Estates’ rent rises.

Speakers confirmed so far: DAVE MORRIS from Our Tottenham and activists from DIGS private renter information, support and campaign group.

And then we’ll have music and drinks until midnight…as always, FREE!



Issue 41, July 2014

DVT100 Standard DVD Trapsheet

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1: Biomass: Emergency (Reel News) 24:42 ***PLAY***

Wood is being burned for energy in British power stations – and the process is as dangerous as fracking. Find out why, and what we can do about it.


2: Brixton Ritzy Strike (Reel News) 6:06

One of the most exciting new campaigns of the year, as cinema workers fight to win the London Living Wage.


3: Lambeth College Strike (Reel News) 13:01

UCU and UNISON members prepare for an all out indefinite strike against cuts to sick pay and holidays, and increased hours.


4: 3 Cosas – Recognition Now! (Reel News) 10:26

Outsourced workers at the University of London fight for recognition of their union, the IWGB, and to stop mass redundancies.


5: Sparks – Umbrella Scam (Reel News) 6:06

Electricians take direct action against the “Umbrella Scam”, which will mean construction workers employed by agencies losing 20-25% of their take home pay.


6: TfL strike (Reel News) 4:19

TSSA, RMT and UNITE members take strike action together for the first time against cuts that could mean losing tens of thousands of pounds in wages.


7: PCS Green Forum (Reel News) 19:15

Workshops on climate jobs, fracking, fuel poverty, aviation, rail, flood prevention, attacks on the forestry commission, tax evasion and greening the workplace.

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Victimised RMT rep found NOT guilty

Today victimised RMT rep Mark Harding was found not guilty of what was a serious (if absurd) charge under the Industrial Relations Act. He has endured 3 months of uncertainty not least because a guilty verdict could have resulted in 6 months jail and/or serious implications for his career.

The charge arose from the highly successful RMT/TSSA dispute of London Underground in February. Mark was accused of intimidation after verbally appealing to a scab not to cross his picket line at Hammersmith. He was arrested after a spurious complaint was made and then held for an astonishing 13 hours before being given bail conditions that effectively banned him from Trade Union activity. The RMTs legal team got the conditions overturned but the charges remained. Todays verdict was clearly a massive relief for all involved.

Steve Hedley RMT assistant General Secretary said outside the court: “This is an important victory not just for us but for all trade unionists. We believe that the ongoing threat of industrial action by our staff caused the state to bring this case. We have successfully defended our right to peacefully picket.”

Mark was vindicated but sadly so were the authorities. The magistrate went out of her way to exonerate the cops in what was an outrageous, vindictive and utterly blatant case of political policing.

Saturday May 24: R.D.K. Hi-Fi Sound System and Reel News guerilla film screening

Dub poster















Back at The Grosvenor this Saturday for a proper old Brixton night out: Reel News will be projecting anti-gentrification films onto the luxury flats opposite (which very conveniently have a huge white covering over them at the moment) from 9pm – 10pm, featuring successful anti-gentrification protests from around the world. Then original rockers from Brixton, R.D.K. will be shaking the foundations inside the pub until the early hours…

And yes, it’s another benefit – all profits will be split between Active Zone and Reel News.

Lambeth College and Brixton Ritzy strikers fight for our future

96% yes vote for an all out indefinite strike against cuts to sick pay and holidays, and increased hours – so Lambeth college’s management run to the courts to get an injunction to stop them. This was already a local issue of national importance, with other colleges threatening similar attacks. Now Lambeth college principal Mark Silverman has turned it into an issue for the entire trade union movement by denying his employees their democratic right to protest.

lambeth college strikeThe changes to contracts will mean an extra 5 weeks work a year with no extra pay, and a cut in sick pay from 6 months on full pay and 6 months on half pay, to 4 months on full pay and 2 months on half pay. The only figure management can come up with for how much this will save the college is £20,000 for the cut in sick pay – a facility only used by workers in extremely difficult circumstances, for example cancer. So management are saying they are no longer prepared to support staff in such difficulties – but they are happy to spend £35,000 refurbishing an office for Silverman that he only uses for a maximum of one day a week. Meanwhile many lecturers report having to go to the stationers themselves to buy pens and paper for the students out of their own money.

This is all happening against a backdrop of management plans to shut down the 100 year old Brixton centre of the college, which is being sold off to make way for the Trinity Academy free school – a school run by people who are openly looking to attract children from the influx of rich white newcomers to Brixton.
Lecturers in the University and College Union (UCU) are now reballoting for all out indefinite strike action, and support workers in UNISON are doing the same.

lambeth college strike2Footage from the strike on Mayday, culminating in Lambeth college strikers marching with Brixton Ritzy strikers fighting for the London living wage. As resentment grows against the rapid gentrification of Lambeth and the fastest rising house prices in Britain, more and more locals are drawing a line in the sand and saying: Enough is enough.