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Reel News is an activist video collective, set up to publicise and share information on inspirational campaigns and struggles – not just in this country, but across the world. We are doing this through producing a bi-monthly newsreel, made up of a number of videos short enough to use in union and campaign meetings.


Reel News will try and cover it all, from pensioners protesting against cuts in voluntary services, artists and musicians looking at the world in a different way,through strikes against privatisation, right up to the astonishing social movements in Latin America which have brought down governments through uprisings, mass direct action and general strikes.


Reel News is intended as a two-way resource, so let us know about your campaigns. Better still, film them yourself and send us the video. We can also be commissioned to make campaign videos, and offer help on camerawork, video editing and other skills needed to make your own video.


Reel News is completely independent and non-aligned. We are completely against sectarianism in all its forms, anti-capitalist in outlook, against the anti-trade union laws and in favour of mass collective action in the workplace and on the streets to change society.


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