Unprecedented unity on strike to save our post offices

Around 4,000 crown post office workers, admin staff and supply chain staff in the CWU take strike action with UNITE managerial staff for the first time ever to fight the threat of privatisation, and to put forward the idea of a “people’s bank” as a positive future for Britain’s post offices. This will be a major battle – and CWU general secretary Dave Ward says he “will not discourage” members of the public from occupying post offices to save them from closure. More strikes and actions to follow.

Sean Taylor – Blacklist No 1

Official video for the new campaign single for the Blacklist Support Group. Multinational building contractors have for decades compiled a secret database of union members in the UK construction industry.
Union members were denied work over many years because they had been stewards or safety reps on previous building projects. Contractors recently had to pay out over £50 million in compensation to workers on the blacklist after a sustained campaign involving direct action, strikes and demos – but they are still being denied work. The campaign will continue until those workers are back where they belong – organising on building sites. More information: www.hazards.org/blacklistblog, or on Facebook: Blacklist Support Group

Fawley protest: Outrage at oil refinery paying workers £4.80 an hour

Workers protested outside Fawley oil refinery as it emerged that some workers are getting paid just 60 euros a day for a minimum 10 hour shift…that’s £4.80 an hour at most, well under the minimum wage. The proper rate is at least four times as much. There has already been a victory against similar illegal practises in Teesside after a sustained campaign of mass direct action – if Fawley don’t pay the proper rate, more protests will follow. UPDATE: VICTORY!! AFTER A DAY’S STRIKE ACTION, ALL WORKERS ARE NOW BEING PAID THE PROPER RATE

Major construction dispute erupts in Teesside

Mass pickets at the Wilton Centre, near Redcar bring traffic chaos and local approval as UNITE, GMB and UCATT members take joint action for the first time in 20 years. They are now on their 16th Friday of direct action and civil disobedience against the conditions on a new construction project, run by SITA UK.

SITA UK are exploiting foreign workers and marginalising local workers at the project by paying foreign workers as little as 6 – 8 euros an hour – way short of the £16.10 an hour they should be paying according to the NAECI national industry agreement.

The pickets are demanding that everyone is treated equally – pay the foreign workers the proper rate, and give the many experienced local workers a chance of employment. This is a major dispute – and in the words of one picket, “it needs to go national.”

Follow the campaign on Twitter: #PayTheRate

Blacklisted workers assaulted during peaceful protest at Laing O’Rourke HQ

Blacklisted workers have made a complaint to Kent police after being assaulted during a peaceful protest at the Dartford headquarters of Laing O’Rourke. The incident happened at 1pm today (Wed 15th October) when 20 activists from the Blacklist Support Group attempted to distribute leaflets  about the role of the construction giant in the Consulting Association blacklisting conspiracy.

dave headlock

Reel News Post-strike social and Fighting Gentrification Special

gentrification1 forweb




This month: not just a chance to hear reportbacks from the huge coordinated strike action on the day (as well as trade unionists being present from the various disputes, Reel News will be filming in London and Birmingham), but a chance to have a practical discussion about what we do in North London about the growing threat of gentrification.

In Hackney, the latest gentrification attack is the buying up of a council estate by a multi-millionaire, where huge rent rises will mean mass evictions. (Read more here: http://hackneyrenters.org/2014/07/03/a-new-era-for-social-cleansing-richard-benyon-must-be-stopped/)

We’re coming across a lot of people locally who feel that there’s nothing that you can do about gentrification, so we thought the best thing we could do would be to show campaigns from around the world where people are doing something about it – and winning.

Come to the screening and see what they’ve been doing in the USA (including the defeat of property developers in East Harlem), Vancouver in Canada, how they’ve fought evictions in Madrid and Barcelona – and what happened in the astonishing uprising in Burgos in Spain this year, where the building of a new luxury shopping mall was stopped completely.

We will also have activists from Hackney and Haringey talking about how they are organising – including the launching of the campaign against Benyon Estates’ rent rises.

Speakers confirmed so far: DAVE MORRIS from Our Tottenham and activists from DIGS private renter information, support and campaign group.

And then we’ll have music and drinks until midnight…as always, FREE!



Issue 40, Apr 2014

Reel News 40

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1: Massacre in Vitoria (Reel News) 36:43 ***PLAY***

1976, the Basque Country: a dying fascist state orders police to attack one of the greatest rank and file movements ever seen. 5 workers are murdered and over 100 seriously injured; 38 years on, the people of Vitoria are still fighting for justice.


2: SOAS cleaners strike (Reel News) 14:07

Cleaners at SOAS show how a picket line should be done in the fight to be brought back in-house.


3: Blacklisting Companies Meeting (Stewart Hume, electrician and UNITE activist) 3:50

EXCLUSIVE secret footage exposes the building firm bosses who blacklist.


4: Blacklisting: Citizens Arrest (Reel News) 5:31

The Blacklist Support Group serve an arrest warrant on Cullum McAlpine.


5: Leon Rosselson: Sixty Quid a Week (Reel News) 4:30

New song from Leon about an encounter with a homeless person.


6: NUT strike (Reel News) 10:28

First national strike by teachers since 2011 as the campaign to stop Gove destroying education hots up.


7: David Rovics – Landlord (Reel News) 6:10

Great song and a slice of US working class history.


8: Chicago University Strike (Labor Beat) 8:36

2 days strike by lecturers at the University of Illinois-Chicago – for virtually the same reasons that lecturers are striking in Britain.


9: London Met – FE Strike (Reel News) 5:47

Rally at London Met to push for further action in the dispute over pay.


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Education workers strike over pay – 03.12.13

On their second national day of strike action for a decent pay rise, workers in higher education are joined by workers in further education taking their first day of strike action. Both sets of workers have effectively had a pay cut of up to 15% over the past 4 years, while bosses have had huge pay rises and the colleges are sitting on a massive surpluses. Over 4,000 workers in higher education alone are still not even earning a living wage. The action should escalate in the new year…

HE strike