Thurrock refuse workers go on all out strike against pay cut

Running Time: 6:53

Refuse workers in Thurrock have taken the brave decision to go on all out strike until at least May 28 to stop the council cutting their pay by up to £4,000 per year.
Refuse workers were one of the groups of key workers most affected by the pandemic, with high levels of infections and sickness as they carried out the essential work of keeping the streets clean for the rest of us. But instead of thanking them for putting their lives at risk to serve the public, the council have decided to attack them – while not losing a penny of their own high salaries (the CEO earns around £200,000 per year, with a number of other managers earning over 100,000 per year).
But the council are up against a very determined, united and well-organised workforce, with possibly the best picket line in Britain at the moment (complete with barbeque and sound system). They were visited today by Birmingham refuse workers who explained how they won their five month strike in 2017 against a very similar attack; there’s no doubt that these workers are ready to do the same thing and win a famous victory.