Barnet 10: Victory after all out strike for sick pay

Running Time: 6 min 29 sec

The Barnet 10 are workers doing repairs to Barnet Council’s social housing. After one of them sustained a back injury doing their work, the council refused to pay any sick pay whatsoever – so all his colleagues walked out indefinitely until he gets paid for the three weeks he had to take off sick.

It’s an absolute disgrace that a Labour council refuses to pay any sick pay at all – and instead have provoked a dispute that is costing three times more per week than the amount it would cost to pay the worker what he deserves.

But the huge support from UNISON branches across London as well as from the leadership of the union, combined with the determination of the workers to stand strong, meant that the day after this demo, the Barnet 10 secured a victory after talks with ACAS.