NG Baileys running scared as No2ESO protests intensify

Running Time: 4:27

Management at NG Baileys head offices in London and the North East failed to turn up to work today … rather than face protests outside from sparks protesting over deskilling, they bottled it.

At least EDF, the client on the Hinkley Point C job at the centre of this dispute, were prepared to meet with UNITE reps this week and agree to drop the contoversial ESO grade … but still no word from the contractors NG Baileys and Balfour Beatty, who are clearly too scared to talk to the skilled tradespeople whose livelihoods they are threatening.

Now they face pickets at Hinkley Point C itself from next week. Maybe it’s time they dropped this outrageous – and highly dangerous – attempt to get unskilled labourers to do electrical installation on the cheap.