Issue 18, April 2009

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1: Visteon workers – Fighting for us all (Reel News/Luke Allen) 25:00

600 ex-Ford workers at Visteon auto-parts factories are sacked without redundancy pay with 6 minutes notice. They respond by occupying their factories.
2: G20 protests – The whole story (Luke Allen/Reel News) 20:00
A week of brilliant, peaceful protests against their solution to the recession, and a decision by the police to use criminal violence which has plunged them into crisis.
3: Ian Tomlinson Memorial March (Jason N.Parkinson, da100thmonkey) 6:11
Newspaper seller Ian Tomlinson died after being batoned and knocked down by riot police on the G20 Meltdown protests. On 11 April people marched in his memory.
4: Tamil – break the silence! (da100thmonkey, Jason N. Parkinson) 12:49
80 million tamils worldwide – 300,000 in the UK – raise their voices in unity against nearly 30 years of genocide in Sri Lanka.
5: DAN in Birmingham (Indefilms) 5:26
The Disabled Peoples Direct Action Netowrk occupy Birmingham’s housing and social services department, demanding independent living.
6: Sooty and Sweep do G20 (da100thmonkey) 7:33
G20 Bankers’ Tea Party!
7: Global Economic Meltdown (Jason N. Parkinson) 10:00
Frontline eyewitness reporting from the baton charges, the blood and injuries and the iron curtain G20 clampdown on the press and protest.
8: Dundee: Prisme occupation (Reel News) 6:00
Another great response to the shutting down of a factory, as the cardboard packaging workers refuse to leave and plan to reopen the factory as a workers’ cooperative.
9: Waterford crystal – under occupation (Reel News) 13:00
The first of the current wave of factory occupations, as Waterford Crystal workers refuse to let an Irish institution be shut down and the community of Waterford destroyed.