Issue 19, July 2009

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1: The Great Miners Strike: 25 years on (Reel News/Luke Allen) 30:00

The Great Strike of 1984-1985 was the longest strike in British working class history – open class war as Thatcher’s Tory government tried to destroy the trade union movement. 25 years on, miners at a gala in South Yorkshire remember the strike and its lessons.
2: Australia: Green Bans (Pat Fiske) 20:00
Extracts from the brilliant “Rocking the Foundations” film, showing how building workers in the 70s prevented corporations destroying the environment in Sydney through rank and file action.
3: Defend London’s transport system (Reel News) 10:00
London’s Tory mayor Boris Johnson wants to slash 3,000 jobs from London’s transport system, impose a 5 year pay freeze and attack the RMT union – but transport workers are striking to defend our transport system.
4: Sri Lanka: A tragedy of silence (Tamil Youth Organisation) 10:03
The images the Western media don’t want you to see, this shocking film shows the true extent of the genocide in Sri Lanka – and why we have to act now.
5: Tamil (Jason N. Parkinson) 13:04
The huge and militant demonstrations against the genocide in Sri Lanka in Britain this year – with the information the Government would prefer you didn’t know.
6: SOAS 9: Occupation against Deportation (Indefilms) 22:04
Immigration officers illegally trap cleaners in a room, then detain 9. 6 are deported, 2 remain in a detention centre. SOAS students and supporters respond by occupying the directorate block in their second brilliant action of the year.