Issue 17, February 2009

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1: Free Palestine! Smash Zionism! (Reel News) 32:23

The massacre in Gaza is the latest arocity in a 60 year racist zionist agenda. This film looks at the history of the region, what zionism really stands for, and the true horror of what is really happening.
2: Gaza: Occupy your college! (Reel News) 10:40
As the movement builds to end zionism, more and more colleges are being occupied with concrete demands for action. Includes inspiring footage from SOAS, LSE and Kings.
3: Smash EDO: Decom (Schmovies) 4:46
More effective action, as the Brighton factory making components for weapons used by Israel is brought to a shuddering halt.
4: Lowkey: Peace Now – Palestine (Da 100th Monkey) 5:00
London based rapper Lowkey delivers his message to the protestors in Hyde Park.
5: Boiling Point (Jason N. Parkinson) 16:00
A visual account of the pro & anti Israel protests between the 3rd & 11th of January.
6: Afghanistan: The Forgotten War (Guy Smallman/Reel News) 11:38
Guy Smallman’s photo report shows the devastating effects of a war of “liberation” on the Afghani people.
7: John Sinclair on tour (Reel News) 12:22
Poet, writer, revolutionary and ex-manager of the legendary MC5 captured on his recent visit to London.
8: Mutate Britain (Reel News) 8:00
The Mutoid Waste Company’s recent exhibition of cutting edge street art, futuristic recycled metal vehicles and more.