Issue 16, December 2008

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1: The Legacy of the Black Panthers (Reel News) 20:49

Spawned by the U.S. civil rights movement of the 60s, the Black Panther Party have been constantly misrepresented. Here ex-members speak for themselves about the work of this great revolutionary party and why they are still so relevant today.
2: Bus drivers strike (Reel News) 11:10
Bus drivers in London unite across the different companies for a decent pay rise, in the largest, angriest pickets seen since the postal workers strike.
3: What happens to the innocent? (MOJO) 17:05
Problems encountered by four miscarriages of justice victims – Paddy Hill, Andy Smith, Tommy Campbell and Robert Brown. Includes the work done by the Miscarriages of Justice Organisation, and their goal of a retreat for the victims of injustice.
4: Global Economic Crisis (Jason N. Parkinson) 10:57
October 10 2008 became known as Black Friday, the day the global financial market went into the largest meltdown in history. In London united political groups massed and tried to march on the city, in protest at the £500 billion taxpayer bailout.
5: ‘Prison’ – A one man play by Charlie Ryder (Reel News/Charlie Ryder) 18:30
Charlie Ryder was sentenced to 16 months in prison for defending himself against the police, when they viciously attacked a demonstration to shut down the BNP in Welling. This is his story.
6: 10th United Families and Friends march (Jason N. Parkinson) 4:26
The tenth silent march on Downing Street to highlight custody deaths saw families of the dead pay tribute to stalwart campaigner Pauline Campbell who died earlier this year.
7: Brukman Clothing Factory (Reel News) 21:08
A lasting legacy of the uprising in Argentina in 2001/02 has been the incredible occupied factories movement. The women of Brukman were the first to realise ‘a factory without bosses’.