IKEA: Reinstate Richie Venton!

Running Time: 2:19 Security at IKEA manhandled and shoved peaceful protestors out of IKEA’s North London store who were demanding the reinstatement of USDAW shop steward Richie Venton. Richie was sacked by IKEA for fighting […]

Art & Culture

Sean Taylor – Black Lives Matter

Running Time: 7 mins 15 secs *** WARNING: THIS VIDEO FOR SEAN TAYLOR”S NEW SINGLE, “BLACK LIVES MATTER”, CONTAINS GRAPHIC IMAGES OF MURDERS BY THE POLICE *** Part of the reason that George Floyd’s horrific […]


Builder’s Crack – The Movie

For many years, the infamous “Builders Crack: The Movie” was assumed lost forever .. but recently the master was found. Now a new generation of trade unionists can enjoy the story of rank and file […]