Issue 63, Nov 2019

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1 Durham Lions (Reel News, 45:19)

The full story of one of the greatest rank and file struggles of the 21st century.


2 Global Climate Strike (Reel News, 8:41)

London demo in the climate strike that over four million people took part in worldwide.


3 All out for Sept 20! (Campaign Against Climate Change/Reel News, 6:06)

A round up of the small but significant amount of workers action in the climate strike.


4 BEIS strike (Reel News, 6:54)

All out indefinite strike finally wins London living wage for outsourced workers – at the department responsible for ensuring a living wage.


5 eCourier Strike (Reel News, 7:56)

Strike against the gig economy in Royal Mail subsidiary, eCourier.


6 6th Form College strike (Reel News, 5:49)

Strike for more funding – cut by 26% since 2010 – and more pay.


7 Air Pollution (Sean Bradley, 9:25)

London Hazards Centre meeting about the shocking effects of air pollution, and what people are doing to combat it.


8 HS2 (Reel News, 3:06)

Pickets shut down the HS2 project over union busting and shoddy conditions.


9 Rocking The Foundations (Pat Fiske, 20:15)

Short version of the seminal film on the NSW Building Labourers union, still the greatest workers environmental action in history.


10 Sean Taylor: Palestine (Sean Taylor/Reel News, 5:29)

New song from Sean Taylor dedicated to the struggle for freedom in Palestine.


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