THEY DID NOT PASS! A bad day for the DFLA.

The increasingly fascist Democratic Football Lads Alliance (DFLA) saw its numbers massively dwindle on Saturday Oct 13th in central London. While also being seriously outnumbered by anti fascists for the first time. Generous estimates are […]

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Issue 58, July 2018

Select Download or DVD Download £5.00 GBPDVD UK £7.00 GBPDVD Europe £8.00 GBPDVD Rest of the world £9.00 GBP NORTH AMERICA SPECIAL #1: THE RESISTANCE 1.Women’s Day March (14:11) Powerful, angry International Women’s Day march […]


Orgreave Truth & Justice Rally 2018

Film Length: 7:58 The campaign for a full public inquiry into the police riot at Orgreave during the Great Miners Strike is going from strength to strength. Hundreds marched in Sheffield a week after the […]


How West Virginia teachers started a revolt

Film length: 13:44 As teachers in more and more republican states in the USA take unofficial strike action to defend education, West Virginia teachers explain how they started the movement, and how they organised strikes […]