Free Our City demand free public transport at COP26

Running Time: 5 mins 6 secs

On transport day at the COP26 in Glasgow, Free Our City – a new coalition of community campaigns, trade unions and the youth climate movement – demand free public transport for everyone in Greater Glasgow.

COP26 delegates were actually given free travel passes during their time in Glasgow, with public money being used to buy brand new electric buses for private company First – and it’s about time the local people were given the same thing, permanently.

Over 100 cities around the world already have some form of free public transport. It not only combats climate change in the sector with the highest rising emissions, but also delivers social justice by increasing access to the economy and services to the most marginalised communities.

In a city where car ownership is just 49%, it makes perfect sense to take all transport out of the hands of private profiteers right now and get Glasgow moving.