Healthworkers march on Downing St to launch pay campaign

Running Time: 6min 33secs

Healthworkers marched from St. Thomas’s and UCH hospitals this week to Downing St, to tell Boris Johnson exactly what they think of his insult of a pay offer. 3% doesn’t even scratch the surface of the 20% real terms pay cut they’ve suffered in the past 10 years, with outsourcing and privatisation meaning a lot of essential workers do not even earn the London living wage.

There are so many vacancies now that the NHS is collapsing. Healthworkers can’t even deliver core services any more, and the 5 million people waiting for NHS treatment is expected to rise to 13 million by the end of the year. Without a decent pay rise to attract and retain staff, the NHS will cease to exist

Demonstrations like these have forced the health unions into balloting for strike action for the first time in decades. If you’re a healthworker, help get your hospital ready to vote in the strike ballots – there are tips in the video. And if you’re not a healthworker and want to help save the NHS, they need your support now. More demonstrations and actions are planned throughout the summer – please join them to give healthworkers the confidence to take the necessary strike action.