It’s the EDL march, so you might get stuck

Film Length: 2:40

EDL march in London on Monday, 27.6.2013. Ostensibly there in memory of Lee Rigby, they had a ball, got wasted, peed all over the place (toilets were available a short walk up the road in fact), and were clearly looking to pick a fight.

Kevin Carroll was addressing antifascists, but his comments seemed much more relevant to the behaviour of his own comrades.

On a side note, I wonder if they realise that Allah and the Christian god are one and the same and they are insulting their own god (assuming most of them are Christians). At any rate, they meant to insult Mohammed. Islam doesn’t make the mind contortions of inflating their prophet and god to one entity. The concept of the holy trinity is Christian. Not that logic will have any impact on that kinda mindset.