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Issue 47: Nov 2015

Select Download or DVD Download £5.00 GBPDVD UK £7.00 GBPDVD Europe £8.00 GBPDVD Rest of the world £9.00 GBP 1) Save Cressingham Gardens (Reel News) 23:06 Tenants, leaseholders and freeholders of a council estate in […]


Solidarity with Calais refugees.

Film length: 7:06 Since the late 90s refugees have been in Calais hoping to reach safety and stability in the UK. Many have relatives across the channel and the port which sees hundreds of lorries […]


The LESVOS blog

DAY ONE Today Reel News stopped in Victoria sq, Athens to speak some of the hundreds of Afghan refugees camped there on their way to Western Europe. Most were physically and mentally exhausted having been […]