EDL inside perspective: “Beat them already – they’re only blacks!”

Film Length: 4:00

On 31 March the EDL had invited to Aarhus, Denmark, to set up a European “anti-islamic alliance”. They got about 160 people to come, we can only guess the important topics discussed, such as strategy for the defense against Muslamic Ray Guns. 4,000 antifascists made a clear point that none of the islamophobes were welcome (there is an argument coming through the window half way through the video).

The DDL, Danish Defense League, recorded their retreat under police protection and put it on YouTube. For the convenience of those of us who do not speak Danish, here is a cut down version with English subtitles.

The repeatedly used term “perker” – here translated as “wog” – is a Danish racist slur directed at people from North Africa and the Middle East. In strength it equals “nigger”, but doesn’t have a direct translation.

And all this after they had made it clear such behaviour would not be tolerated. Quote from the call: “We want to make it clear to racists, neo-Nazis and any other extremists – you are not welcome.” And they nevertheless ended up with a whole busload full of racists.

Following their humiliation in Aarhus and Brighton, the EDL have veered towards the dangerous end in their triangle of ridiculous – dumb – dangerous, attacking a pensioner in Lewisham.