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Issue 32, June 2012

Select Download or DVD Download £5.00 GBPDVD UK £7.00 GBPDVD Europe £8.00 GBPDVD Rest of the world £9.00 GBP 1: Crisis (Reel News) 21:59 Don’t believe the lies – the Greek public debt is down […]


Community Organising

Film Length: 22:16 Community organising against austerity in Athens – with solidarity, not chairty. Featuring the “squares movement” (greece’s occupy movement) that erupted in 2011, neighbourhood assemblies, workers clubs and solidarity food kitchens and clothing […]

Civil Servants

400,000 join M10 pensions strike.

Over 400,000 public sector workers from the PCS, UNITE, RMT, UCU and NUT Trade Unions joined a 24 hour strike on May 10th over government cuts to pensions. In London pickets were well attended with […]