Issue 32, June 2012

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1: Crisis (Reel News) 21:59

Don’t believe the lies – the Greek public debt is down to the banks and the rich. With extracts from the film “Debtocracy”.

2: That’s Our Power – Rank and File Organising (Reel News) 25:16

The growth of rank and file committees, featuring the three longest all out strikes ever in Greece (steel factory, national newspaper & TV station), plus hospital occupations.

3: Solidarity – Not Charity: Community Organising (Reel News) 22:05

Local assemblies are springing up all over Greece, organising community kitchens, clothing exchanges and other acts of practical solidarity.

4: Our Present is Your Future: How to destroy public health services (Reel News) 20:00

Over a third of hospitals to close. Exhorbitant charges. Healthworkers not being paid. But doctors are leading an astonishing fightback. Video previews:


5: It’s still like being in a war zone – Immigrants in Greece (Reel News) 15:00

Video preview: <a title=”Video preview: Immigrant Workers Protest” href=””>Immigrant Workers Protest.

6: It’s not me anymore it’s us now – The Street Fighters from AlAnyA (Reel News) 7:42

The Solidarity, Disobedience and Resistance movement close down motorway tolls, reconnect electricity and mobilise over the unfair housing tax.

7: Cut out the middle man – The Potato Movement (Reel News) 6:43

Farmers and consumers are in direct contact on the internet, ensuring a decent price for farmers & lower prices for consumers.