Issue 9, August 2007

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1: Save Our Postal Services (Reel News) 20:58

Rolling strike action from CWU members brings the postal service to a standstill, as the posties campaign over pay and conditions and to stop privatisation.
2: Metronet (Reel News) 4:50
RMT maintenance workers at Metronet protest at Downing St and signal their determination to defend jobs and conditions as the firm goes bust.
3: Blair’s Last Day (Oscar Beard) 8:32
Amid a distinct lack of tributes from the British people on Blair’s last day, some conscientious citizens attempt to make a citizen’s arrest for war crimes.
4: Real Harm (Schmovies) 6:30
No Borders protest at Harmondsworth detention centre, where asylum seekers are treated worse than criminals.
5: Another Woman Prisoner Dead (Oscar Beard/Reel News) 13:52
Sadly Pauline Campbell has to make another direct action protest at a needless death – this time outside Holloway Prison in London.
6: The Struggle (Fluffy’s Film Factory) 4:36
7: Live Earth (Oscar Beard) 6:12
‘Stars’ from all over the world come to Wembley for a concert to highlight global warming…and leave a dirty great big carbon footprint making it worse in the process.
8: Hilton Meatpackers (Reel News) 3:48
Polish meatpackers at a factory that supplies Tesco get organised in response to plans to make them work a 13 hour day.
9: Make my Day (Schmovies) 6:39
The No Borders protest at Harmondsworth detention centre is disrupted by farcical and frankly baffling police tactics.
10: The 43 Group (London Video History Group) 20:30
The inspiring story of the 43 group, who stopped the growth of fascism after the 2nd World War by physically kicking the fascists off the streets.
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