Issue 10, October 2007

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1: Heathrow Camp for Climate Action (Reel News) 21:10

Watch this brilliant display of resistance as the camp for climate action teams up with the local “no third runway” campaign for a week at Heathrow.

2: Prison Officers Strike (Reel News/Oscar Beard) 9:25

At last! Who would have predicted that the first union to defy the anti-trade union laws this year would be..the prison officers association?!

3: Metronet strike (Reel News) 9:46

The other great piece of direct action this month comes from RMT engineers, protesting against plans for job losses, cuts and changes in conditions as the private company who ran the tube goes bankrupt. The plans quickly fall apart after the London tube network is brought to a standstill…

4: Trail of Destruction (Reel News) 19:11

As the campaign to save the William Morris Gallery gathers pace, local art activists anti-scrap organise a walk round the borough the borough of Waltham Forest, pointing out the destruction of art, leisure and education facilities.

5: Wanted (No Budget Films) 6:50

A lonely hearts advert from poet Miss Dolly Ginsberg.

6: History 101 (Schmovies) 4:04

News from Brighton on the latest attempt to suppress the right to protest.

7: Wembley Occupation (Reel News/Oscar Beard) 5:27

Despite a chronic shortage of schools in the poor end of Brent, venture capitalists attempt to build an academy in the rich end of the borough, near Wembley stadium, on a well used community stadium. So Wembley teachers occupy the site.

8: Tara Tara Tara (Schmovies) 22:02

The Irish Government, in contravention of EU law, are disgracefully allowing the building of a four lane motorway through the middle of Tara, an ancient burial ground of enormous significance. Please help this important campaign to stop them destroying yet another part of our culture.