Issue 29, Sept 2011

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1. Rebellion in Tottenham 2011 (Reel News) 26:23

The police murdered an innocent man, then let Tottenham burn. The real strike story, told by local people who were there.  ***PLAY***


2. Emory Douglas on Tottenham (Reel News) 7.11

The great revolutionary artist of the Black Panther Party in the 60s gives his thoughts on the police murder.


3. Tottenham – after the shooting (Indefilms) 9:59

Includes footage from the Saturday night and the vigil the

day after.  ***PLAY***


4. Stokes Croft (South-Blessed) 5:18

Finally, footage of the rebellion in Bristol fake oakleys against a new

Tescos store.


5. Cheap Jerseys From China Despite the Sun (extract) (Spectacle films) 14:49

25 years on from the Wapping dispute, the story of Murdoch’s

vicious battle against the print unions that changed the face

of the British press.


6. June 30th (Reel News) 9:14

Four national unions take coordinated strike action over

pensions.  ***PLAY***


7. Southampton Council Strike (Reel News) 13:57

Binmen and social workers strike together against a

paycut as the dispute escalates.  ***PLAY***


8. Sparks of resistance (Reel News) 12:35

Huge electricians demos all over the country to build for

strike action as 8 major building firms plan a 35% pay cut.


9. Oi Mush! Fuck Off (Cosmo) 4:06

Great song and video from Cosmo, originally released in 2009***PLAY***

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