NHS: Huge campaign in Cumbria shows way to stop privatisation

A huge and incredibly unified campaign to save the NHS is building in Cumbria. Activists from all corners of the huge county come together in Carlisle to fight plans to downgrade maternity and children’s services and close community hospital beds in the largest demonstration ever seen in the area, emphasising the real battle – to stop full privatisation of the NHS. Now more militant action to defend their services is set to follow.

SACKED after being assaulted! Defend the London Bridge 3

Station staff at London Bridge were out on strike today after one of their colleagues was sacked, and two more disciplined for defending themselves from a serious assault by a fare dodger, which included an attack on a pregnant woman. the RMT are now balloting all station staff throughout London Underground for strike action … the city faces gridlock if management don’t see sense and reverse this baffling decision.

Blacklisting: Frank Morris sacked AGAIN

Frank Morris has been thrown off a job AGAIN after previously being sacked and blacklisted on the Olympics and Crossrail projects for being a member of a trade union. This time it’s the electrical contractor W.Portsmouth, working with the employment agency 1st Step Solutions – an agency notorious for blacklisting practises. Frank will be protesting every day outside W. Portsmouth’s biggest contract, weapons manufacturer MBDA in Stevenage, until he gets his job back.

Save lambeth Libraries: Defend the 10 launch year long campaign

1 year on from Carnegie and Minet libraries being closed (and Carnegie library being occupied for 10 days), campaigners gather to launch a year long campaign to save all of Lambeth libraries. Hundreds surround the library and vow to fight on – come to the campaigning public meeting on May 2 (details at end of video) to plan the next steps.

Durham Lions Solidarity March & Rally

Is this the beginnings of a rank and file movement that can take on the Tories? Activists and workers in struggle from all over the country respond to the call from the Durham teaching assistants to march with them as they continue to fight against 23% pay cuts imposed on them by a Labour Council – and then pack out the Durham miners hall to hear inspiring speeches from the TAs, calling for a united fight against education cuts and to kick out the rotten Labour councillors who voted for this shambles once and for all.

Outrage as Gravesham Council imposes 7 day working

Council workers who repair and maintain Gravesham’s social housing are up in arms over the council’s plans to switch them to seven day working and scrap their productivity bonus. The plans will mean paycuts of between 2k and 10k a year, and if they don’t accept the changes, they’ll be sacked and re-engaged on the new contracts. UNITE say protests will continue if these plans aren’t withdrawn.

DELIVEROO #RideWithUs for a living wage!

Don’t believe Deliveroo adverts – riders in Brighton are earning as little as £1.89 an hour, and working up to 10 hours a day, 7 days a week. A wildcat strike has already won a freeze on recruitment, as too many riders was part of the problem – now they want a living wage of £8.45 an hour after costs. Join them for a ride around Brighton’s most popular restaurants on Tuesday March 14, 3pm -4pm; meet at Jubilee Square. #RideWithUs for a living wage!

Derby TAs go on all out strike over 25% pay cut

Teaching assistants in Derby have taken the very brave step of going on all out strike to try and get the Labour council to talk to them and come up with a sensible offer to end this dispute. Last Wednesday, leader of the council Ranjit Banwait walked out of a full council meeting rather than face angry parents and TAs – and the following day walked out early from an ACAS meeting with UNISON, to do prearranged media interviews condemning the negotiations! TAs are calling on teachers and heads to help them close the schools to sort out the mess Derby City Council have made as quickly as possible.