Spain – The End of Austerity?/España – ¿Al Final de la Austeridad?

Film length: 34:01

Completely ignored by the mainstream media over here, left wing “citizen platforms” in Spain sensationally took control of the councils of the biggest cities in Spain in 2015. The citizen’s platforms initially undertook to agreed everything collectively in assemblies throughout the cities, from who would stand as councillors to what their policies would be – and to implement an anti-austerity programme. Sadly the reality subsequently was a disappointment, as another radical project turned out to be a reformist dead end. But the social movements continue on the streets …

This half hour film also explains the origins and connections between the 15M movement; social movements such as the PAH; Podemos; and the citizens platforms. 

This is the major industrial dispute in Spain at the moment. Coca-Cola workers in Spain have been fighting to save their jobs for 17 months, when Coca Cola attempted to shut down all four factories there. Milltant rank and file action alongside a boycott of Coca-Cola has forced the company to reopen the factories, but only as warehouses…now the workers are calling for the boycott to be extended beyond Spain as they continue the fight to save their jobs. Support their struggle – boycott all Coca-Cola products.