Visit Faslane Peace Camp

Film Length: 10:13

Visit Faslane Peace Camp from Camcorder Guerrillas on Vimeo.

A new film about Faslane Peace Camp from legendary Glasgow videoactivist collective The Camcorder Guerillas.

Faslane peace camp is the longest running peace camp in the world, opened in 1982 by local people opposed to the Trident missile submarines based here.

A number of people at the camp now want to move on after years of commitment, and they desperately need more people to get involved. If they can’t find enough people to take over by May 12th 2013, they will have to start dismantling the camp – which would be tragic, just as the chance of scrapping Trident could become a real possibility. They also need more money to keep the camp going.

Please share this film as widely as possible, particularly with anyone you think might be able to help. Just a few more people, and a bit more dosh, could make all the difference.