Issue 34, November 2012

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1: Spain – Indignados: 25-S (Reel News) 15:41

Spain’s indignados kick start a hot autumn by surrounding Congress.

2: Spain – Trade union march (Reel News) 10:10

A week after the indignados’ actions, Spain’s trade unions call for a Europe-wide general strike.

3: London Met: Don’t deport our classmates (Reel News) 11:38

Students, lecturers and support staff unite to stop attacks on international students.

4: Blacklisting at Crossrail (Reel News) 12:54

Sparks demand the reinstatement of 28 union members sacked for raising

serious health & safety concerns.

5: TUC demo (Reel News) 10:49

The demonstration is dominated by calls for a general strike.

6: Crossrail dispute: Green Paint (Reel News) 15:33

featuring Frank Morris’s now legendary response to violence and intimidation by security.

7: N14: European Day of Action (Reel News) 10:51

As millions struck all over Europe, only a few in Britain took action – respect to those sparks and civil servants who did.

8: Defend the 4: Victory! (Reel News) 11:49

Finally, success for the campaign within UNISON to stop the witchhunt of four Socialist Party members.

9: 3 Cosas campaign (Reel News) 8:25

Having won the London living wage, outsourced workers at the University of London are now fighting for pensions, sick pay and more holidays.

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