Palestine: Outrage as Hackney Council continues to fund Israel’s genocide

Running Time: 6 mins 48 secs

Residents were outraged at the Hackney Council Pensions Committee on November 29th, as the Council “permanently postponed” a deputation agreed two months previously to ask the Council to divest from companies complicit in Israel’s apartheid system.

Those investments include Elbit, Raytheon and BAE Systems – companies that supply arms to Israel; Caterpillar and Cemex, whose products are used in house demolitions and in the construction of illegal settlements; plus Puma, Axa, and many more companies that benefit from Israel’s apartheid regime.

The council tried to justify its appalling undemocratic actions by saying it was “concerned that any perception that we are centring one set of voices on this subject could damage community cohesion.”

One set of voices they obviously couldn’t be bothered to centre were Christian Palestinian activists from Bethlehem who wanted to tell stories that are not being heard of what’s happening in the West Bank as well as Gaza – so rather than listen to voices who are enabling war crimes, this video gives those activists from Bethlehem a platform instead.