Wards Corner traders stop illegal eviction

Running Time: 7:43

Traders at the much-loved Wards Corner market in Seven Sisters, North London were shocked to find security trying to break into their shops to eviction on Saturday 25th September – ordered by Transport for London, who own the site – and aided and abetted by the police.

They know they have to vacate but were told that they have until the 29th to leave, that they would be given adequate storage for all their property, that they could have a temporary market, and that they would get the same levels of compensation as other traders who have left the same site. TfL have not only broken all those promises, but then tried to carry out a violent illegal eviction in which two traders were injured.

Fortunately, activists from Black Lives Matter turned up outside to defend the traders – and as the evening progressed more people joined in. In the end TfL commissioner Andy Byford had to come down to call the bailiffs and security off, in a great victory for community action.