Strike at AET academy in Essex: Stealing kids’ futures

Running Time: 7:33

Staff at Tendring Technology College in Essex have been forced to take strike action – with massive support from the local community and the students – over yet another restructure that will take vital support away from children who need it most.

The school is part of one of the biggest academy trusts in England, AET – who disgracefully take £1,200 per pupil per year away from the school budget to fund their management structure and vastly inflated salaries (CEO Julian Drinkall is on £300,000 a year).

This means that a school with a large number of SEND children and others who need a lot of support quite simply don’t have the resources and staff numbers to provide the level of support that they need.

NEU members are demanding that these unnecessary and cruel cuts are dropped for starters – and ultimately want AET driven out of their school before they do any more damage. If changes don’t happen fast, staff will be forced to take more strike action after half-term.