NEU rep Kirstie Paton wins dismissal case: School safety matters…

Running Time: 9:18

Kirstie Paton, NEU rep at the John Roan School in Greenwich, has won her dismissal case following strike action by staff.

Kirstie was threatened with dismissal by academy change United Learning Trust after she criticised their use of lateral flow tests – criticism which was backed up by numerous public health bodies.

Unfortunately the government is now PAYING over 170 schools to carry out similar experiments with the tests, despite the more dangerous Delta variant now spreading more rapidly in schools than anywhere else – which is why Kirstie and other reps speaking out is so important.

We have to introduce mitigation measures against aerosol transmission into schools immediately – funding for proper ventilation systems (including carbon dioxide monitoring and hepa filters), reintroduction of mask wearing, smaller class sizes and larger classrooms to allow proper social distancing, a cap on bubbles (no more ridiculous “bubbles” of 300 children), and generally move activities outside as much as possible, particularly high risk activities like P.E. and singing. And vaccinatiion of children needs to happen NOW – not in August, when it’ll be too late to stop another wave of hospitalisations.

Two other reps in other schools have also won their disputes following strike action, in a clear lesson about how to deal with increasing victimisation by unscrupulous bosses in all sectors.