Sage care workers call on all workers to unite and change society

Running time: 6:33

“Every day, different Governments take more and more rights off the workers, and I think we should get all together … all the workers, and change this kind of society.” Julia, care assistant

Workers at Sage nursing home in North London take strike action for the second time in pursuit of a living wage of £12, sick pay and holidays in line with NHS staff, and recognition of their union, the UVW (United Voices of the World).

So far the response from the management has been very slow – it took them seven days to reply after the first wave of strikes in January, and the workers are still waiting for their grievances to be addressed.

What’s clear is that the resolve of the care assistants, cleaners and maintenance staff is only getting stronger. Fed up with not being valued or respected, despite putting in punishing 12 hour shifts looking after vulnerable people during the pandemic, they are not just fighting for themselves but for all low wage key workers – and their determination looks set to lead to a very important victory.

To donate to the strike fund and to take other actions to support the dispute, go to the UVW website.