Issue 60, Jan 2019

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1) France1: Yellow Jackets Shift to the Left (13:06)

Act IV: Huge anti-capitalist block on the Paris demo.


2) France2: School Students Strike (13:17)

Strike over university selection, joined by striking teachers.


3) France3: Where Are the Trade Unions? (13:40)

Act V: Striking workers call for a general strike.


4) John Roan School: Silent Protest (5:06)

Staff and parents stand up against forced academisation.


5) John Roan School: Support Staff Strike (6:30)

Teachers refuse to cross picket lines as dispute deepens.


6) John Roan School: Academy sponsor seen off (6:04)

More strikes, which ultimately kicked out academy sponsor UST.


7) Together for Climate Justice (7:05)

March in London in solidarity with protesters at the COP24 in Poland.


8) Save Appledore Shipyard (5:49)

Huge rally to stop plans to shut the only merchant shipyard in the country.


9) Crawley Council: Sick Pay Now! (2:31)

Protest to demand sick pay for workers doing social housing repairs.


10) Tackling the Housing Crisis with DLOs (11:30)

Tony O’Brien talks about his important new book.


11) Safe Cladding & Insulation Now (8:44)

Fuel Poverty Action demand the cladding used at Grenfell is taken off 438 other tower blocks.


12) Safe Cladding & Insulation Now (3 min version) (2:58)


13) Sean Taylor: Grenfell (7:16)

New song dedicated to the families and friends of those who lost their lives.

14) Remembrance Day 2019 (8:09)

Veterans for Peace march to the Cenotaph under the banner “NEVER AGAIN”.


15) United Against Tommy Robinson (5:33)

Anti-fascists produce their biggest mobilisation of the year.


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