Voices From Both Sides Festival 2018

People get ready for their annual act of civil disobedience: crossing the border to meet and embrace family and friends

With all the shite coming out of the White House about building a wall, this is much more representative of what people on the USA Mexico border really think – the brilliant Voices From Both Sides festival.
Every year in Lajitas, at the border between Texas and Mexico on the Rio Grande, an act of civil disobedience takes place – musicians play on both sides of the border while people wade across the river to meet and embrace family and friends who have been cut off from each other since the border crossing was closed after 9/11.
The authorities turn a blind eye to this amazing, joyous festival, which shows the absurdity of splitting communities like this with an arbitrary dotted line. 2019 festival is set for May 11; if you’re in the area then, don’t miss it.