Gaza Flotilla Attack – The Truth

Film Length: 29:28 ***FULL RESOLUTION VERSION AVAILABLE ON REEL NEWS 24 *** Shocking footage combined with Turkish and British eye-witness testimonies prove that Israeli troops were guilty of murder and of breaking international law during […]

Art & Culture

Alabama 3 live in Manchester

Film Length: 7:37 A small sample of the Manchester gig on the “Revolver Soul” tour in 2010 – “Bad to the Bone” and “Up Above My Head”.

COP Mobilisations

Privatise The Air! Copenhagen 2009

***FULL RESOLUTION VERSION AVAILABLE ON REEL NEWS David Harvie and Tadzio Mueller from Turbulence, Oscar Reyes from Carbon Trade Watch, Naomi Klein and Vandana Shiva explain how the Copenhagen summit was all about exploiting the […]


The Legacy of the Black Panthers Film Length: 20:49 Spawned by the U.S. civil rights movement of the 60s, the Black Panther Party have been constantly misrepresented. Here ex-members speak for themselves about the work of this great revolutionary party […]


Climate Camp – Kingsnorth ***FULL RESOLUTION VERSION AVAILABLE ON REEL NEWS 15 *** Arguments and direct action against new coal fired power stations, a bigger trade union presence at the camp and the growing campaign for green jobs […]


Save Our Schools! ***FULL RESOLUTION VERSION AVAILABLE ON REEL NEWS 13 *** City academies mean privatisation of education. Leading campaigners expose the true agenda, with action from the campaigns in Stoke and Pimlico and news from the […]

Postal Workers

Postal Workers Dispute – Reject the Deal Film Length: 21:09 After a magnificent campaign of strike action in 2007 in open defiance of the anti-trade union laws to stop huge cuts in wages and conditions, the postal workers were sold a […]

Art & Culture

Conflict: “No Power” videos

T Film Length: 7:15 Two videos of tracks from Conflict’s “No Power Without Control” album, made by Conflict with Reel News – the title track, and “I’m Starving”.