Palestine: Shetland Islands call for a ceasefire

Running Time: 3 mins 25 secs

To give an idea of the breadth and depth of the enormous movement that has grown in the UK over solidarity with Palestine, even the northern most tip – the Shetland Islands, where protests are virtually unknown – now has a vibrant group calling for a ceasefire.

They gather every Saturday at 2pm outside Lerwick Town Hall, and have more actions planned.

This is also an object lesson in how to get something going in your community if you feel isolated; just two people called the first protest, and then found that many people responded and wanted to do something. Now they have a great turn out every week, which also gives people an opportunity to talk to each other in a way they have ever done before.

If you’re on the Shetlands, you can get involved by meeting them on a Saturday; or find them on Facebook – Palestine Solidarity Shetland.