Enough is Enough! Over 100,000 take to the streets over cost of living crisis

Running Time: 9:56

Enough is Enough rallies and marches attracted over 100,000 people in over 50 towns and cities on October 1 over the cost of living crisis, with 10,000 people rallying at Kings X station in London.

The day saw over 170,000 postal workers and railworkers on strike, in the biggest coordinated action for decades – with teachers, healthworkers and FE and HE workers all due to join them on strike in the coming weeks.

Enough is Enough have 5 basic demands at the moment:
1. A real pay rise
2. Slash energy bills
3. End food poverty
4. Decent homes fort all
5. Tax the rich

Alongside highlights of the London rally in this video (which included the Don’t Pay campaign staging a mass burning of energy bills), posties in Tottenham explain why they’re on strike – and local trade unionists explain the launch of Haringey Community Action Network, a great local initiative bringing together trade unions with local groups including welfare rights, housing groups, environmental groups, anti-racism groups, food justice groups and more in what could develop into a real template for building the mass grassroots social movements we need to change this country.