NEU union employees strike to defend their colleague

Running Time: 9 mins 2 secs

*** UPDATE – VICTORY! The NEU exec withdrew the formal disciplinary sanction. “This win has big implications for how regional management operate within the NEU. We want to change the culture that can allow for members cases, particularly marginalised members, to be dropped when they have a good chance of winning. And for an end to the punishment of union reps and staff who challenge top down authoritarian approaches. Plus so much more that needs to change” – a London Region NEU organiser] 

Employees of the National Education Union are on strike to defend their colleague. Michael Gavan was hit with a disciplinary after he supported an NEU member whose case had been dropped. The member, a Black woman working in a lowpaid educational support role at a school, had been threatened with a career ending dismissal. She battled on, won her case with Michael’s help, and saved her reputation. Now the NEU wants to discipline Michael. But the workers are having none of it.