Issue 55, Aug 2017

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1 Durham Miners Gala (11:30)

Dedicated to the late Davey Hopper, with Durham TAs and BA strikers marching.

2 Grenfell March (7:18)

Londoners express their anger and distress over the horrific tower block fire.

3 Tories Out Demo (7:27)

The social movements building to take on the Tories.

4 Derby Support Staff Strike (18:16)

The whole story of a famous victory.

5 Fracking (8:15)

Month of rolling resistance at the Fylde.

6 Care Workers (8:07)

Haringey care workers talk about their conditions.

7 UBER drivers (8:59)

UBER drivers in London talk about their conditions.

8 BA strike 1 (6:20)

British Airways Mixed Fleet cabin crew on strike again.

9 Ritzy Strike (6:27)

Three reps sacked in the fight for a living wage.

10 BA Strike 2 (5:35)

The crew take their fight to Parliament as the strike escalates.

11 Subversion in Comix (6:06)

How comics have been used to disseminate subversibe ideas.

12 DPAC Summer of Discontent (7:41)

A week of action from Disabled People Against Cuts.

13 Police Spies (6:18)

Four women deceived into relationships with undercover cops.

14 Troubadour (4:41)

Track from Sean’s new “Flood and Burn” album.