Issue 39, Jan 2014

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1) 3 Cosas: Victory! (Reel News) 8:28
A huge step forward for outsourced workers at the University of London as they win major concessions on sick pay and holidays.

2) Cuts to London Underground (Reel News) 10:53
RMT and TSSA get ready to fight £9.8 billion cuts, starting with the closure of all ticket offices.

3) Blacklisting Day of Action (Reel News) 15:27
Demonstrations and civil disobedience across the UK culminate in a blockade outside Parliament.

4) Biofuels (Reel News) 5:36
Action against loans to high carbon biomass projects which will devastate forests and pollute the atmosphere.

5) HE Strike (Reel News) 9:16
HE and FE workers take action together for a decent pay rise.

6) Fuel Poverty: Bring down the Big 6! (Reel News) 7:09
Activists target the most complained about energy company, NPower

7) Remembrance Day (Reel News) 5:30
Veterans for Peace stage a poignant ceremony to remind us how to remember those who died in WW1.

8) Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign: Clause 118 (Lewisham Green Party) 7:48
Protest against a new health care bill clause designed to stop legal action ti defend NHS services.

9) Grunwicks (Hidden Herstories) 17:13
A look back at the legendary Grunwicks dispute of the late seventies, focussing on the strike leader, Jayaben Desai.

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