Balcombe tripod hilarity 5-9-13

Today another lone activist managed to close the supply road to the fracking site as part of the ongoing month of rolling blockades. The man d-locked himself to the top of a tripod in the middle of the road at about 8am. Specialist police teams were brought in to remove him. The road was still closed when REEL NEWS left at 2pm.

The response of the police was to impose what we believe might have been a Section 14 on the area around the Cuadrilla site. Unfortunately the announcement was made via the PA in a police van which had such poor sound quality that the exact words of the officer (a bronze commander) were completely unintelligible. As no one could understand the meaning of the announcement it was possibly invalid.

Meanwhile an event with a sporting theme is being organised to show Cuadrilla the red card next Wednesday Sept 11th.

Photos by Guy Smallman