Issue 28, June 2011

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  1. TUC demo March 26 (Reel News) 10:46 The second largest demonstration in British history as the anti-cuts campaign begins in earnest.
  2. Tower Hamlets joint strike action (Reel News) 11:30 Teachers and council workers coordinate strike action against the cuts.
  3. EMERGENCY! The battle to save the NHS (Reel News) 26:07 The government is trying to privatise the NHS, but the resistance is growing. Everything you need to know about Lansley’s bill, NHS cuts and how to fight back.
  4. Royal Cleaners fight for a living wage (Reel News) 11:18 While millions are spent on the Royal wedding, the cleaners in Buckingham Palace have to make do with poverty pay.
  5. London Met fighting for education (Reel News) 15:57 70% of courses and hundreds of jobs are being cut as London Metropolitan University becomes a testing ground for the Tories’ education policies.
  6. The Hardest Hit march (Reel News) 9:00 The biggest march of disabled people in history against cuts in welfare.
  7. Rubbish Action (Issy Harvey) 1:30 There’s not enough workers to pick up the litter in Haringey parks, so campaigners dump it on the civic centre steps.
  8. Guilty and Proud of it! Poplar’s rebel councillors (Janine Booth / Reel News) 16:16 From 1919 -1925, Labour councillors in Poplar went to jail for defending their working class communities – and won. A key episode of our history.
  9. Alabama 3 – Bad to the Bone (Reel News) 3:28 Recorded live in Manchester on last year’s Revolver Soul tour.