Ritzy strike: Union reps SACKED for demanding a living wage

Management at Ritzy cinema have SACKED three BECTU reps, and suspended another, in the long-running battle for a living wage at Picturehouse cinemas. Shadow chancellor John Mc Donnell was among the supporters on the picket line on July 1st, as he urged the entire labour movement to get behind the cinema workers. Picturehouse workers are calling on everyone to boycott ALL Picturehouse cinemas until their demands are met and all Ritzy reps are reinstated – which means don’t go and see films there, and don’t eat and drink in their cafes. The Human Rights film festival have already promised to move their festival to other cinemas if the dispute isn’t resolved – you can follow their example by going to watch films in cinemas that do pay their staff a living wage.

Which Side Are You On? Trade Unionists for Corbyn

Rank and file trade unionists spell out the changes that an incoming government will need to make in workers rights, all of which are included in the Labour party manifesto – before joining Steve White and the Protest Family on the steps of the Tory party HQ for a confrontational rendition of “Which Side Are You On”. in a sign of the Tories’ plumetting confidence, they don’t even call the police or security to move them on.

SACKED after being assaulted! Defend the London Bridge 3

Station staff at London Bridge were out on strike today after one of their colleagues was sacked, and two more disciplined for defending themselves from a serious assault by a fare dodger, which included an attack on a pregnant woman. the RMT are now balloting all station staff throughout London Underground for strike action … the city faces gridlock if management don’t see sense and reverse this baffling decision.