Argentina special – Nov 2008

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1: Argentina in Revolt (Reel News/Miss Diagnosed) 33:08

We last saw a banking system collapse in Argentina in 2001. The resultant uprising brought down 4 governments in 10 days and saw millions of ordinary people take to the streets with the cry of “QUE SE VAYAN TODOS” – GET RID OF THEM ALL!

2: Brukman Clothing Factory (Reel News) 20:00

A lasting legacy of the uprising has been the incredible occupied factories movement – there are now over 300 workplaces in Argentina under workers’ control. The women of Brukman were the first to realise ‘a factory without bosses’.

3: Zanon ceramics factory (Reel News, first presented in Reel News 2) 12:57

Zanon was the first factory to occupy. The largest ceramics factory in Latin America, it now boasts 500 workers running things collectively.

4: Hotel Bauen (Grupo Alavio, first presented in Reel News 11) 20:51

A luxury hotel in the centre of Buenos Aires, under workers’ control since 2003 and an amazing centre of political activity.

5: Tube Workers’ fight for a 6 hour day (Grupo Alavio, first presented in Reel News 4) 19:40

One of the most militant group of workers in Argentina, the tube workers demanded a 6 hour day on the same wages and conditions as for an hour day – and won!