Issue 13, April 2008

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1: Iraq: Speaking out Against The War (Reel News) 23:48

On the 5th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, 1.2 million people are dead and millions have been made refugees. Ex-SAS man Ben Griffin reveals British collusion in torture (before he was gagged by the MOD), plus ex-Guantanamo detainee Moazzam Begg and Salaam Ismael from Doctors for Iraq.
2: Save Our Schools! (Reel News) 22:55
City academies mean privatisation of education. Leading campaigners expose the true agenda, with action from the campaigns in Stoke and Pimlico and news from the Anti-Academies Conference.
3: The Stoned Master: Performance Poetry (Reel News) 10:05
Brilliant, abrasive, hilarious poems from The Stoned Master at his monthly residency in Brixton.
4: No Third Runway! (Reel News/Plane Stupid) 22:00
The No Third Runway campaign take us on a tour around the villages affected by Heathrow expansion, Plane Stupid mount an audacious protest fro the roof of Parliament, and a flash mob descends on Heathrw for the opening of Terminal 5.
5: Coastguards Strike! (Reel News) 7:39
PCS members in the fourth emergency service take strike action for the first time in their 150 year history over pay scales starting at £11,000 a year – barely minimum wage.
6: On The Verge: The anti-war Film The Police Want to Ban! (extract) (Schmovies) 11:52
An extract from the feature film of the Smash EDO bomb factory campaign in Brighton – out now. When Schmovies took the film on tour, the police tried to stop it from being shown in a number of places – surely not because of how stupid they are made to look by defending the indefensible?!