The Elbit 8: on trial for disrupting the flow of weapons to Israel

Running time: 2 mins 10 secs

The five week trial of the Elbit 8 started today – 8 members of Palestine Action, including the two co-founders – for a series of actions in 2020 and 2021 which aimed to disrupt the flow of weapons to Israel from the UK.

Having targeted Israel’s largest arms firm, Elbit Systems, using direct action to undermine operations at their factories and offices, the #ElbitEight┬áhave been charged with conspiracy to commit criminal damage, burglary, and – for three of the eight – blackmail.

The eight are determined to fight the charges, and prove that Elbit is guilty, not them. The results of their business-of-bloodshed are being starkly shown in the ongoing genocide against Palestinians in Gaza,

Please come and support them at Snaresbrook Crown Court (75 Hollybush Hill, London E11 1QW) by joining the daily mobilisations from 9:30; but as Huda Ammori, co-founder of Palestine Action says, “the most important thing is people get outside these weapons factories and shut them down. Israel is committing a genocide right now in Palestine, with weapons made on our doorstep. It’s in our power to shut them down, and that’s what we must continue to do.”