London, November 11: ONE MILLION march for Palestine

Running Time: 13 mins 35 secs

In the second biggest demonstration ever seen in the UK, around one million people marched for Palestine, demanding a ceasefire, an end to the occupation and an end to apartheid. Home Secretary Suella Braverman’s disgusting attempts to ban the peace march (which she ludicrously called a “hate” march) – and then when the police refused to ban it, to encourage fascists onto the streets to mobilise against it, failed spectacularly.

The result was an unforgettable day, with a wonderful atmosphere, and completely peaceful – in stark contrast to the fascist mobilisation a mile away at the Cenotaph, who ended up fighting with the police, chanting during the 2 minute silence to honour the dead in previous wars, and upsetting many of those who had gathered there for Armistice Day.

We haven’t bothered giving those dimwits any exposure in this video – but make no mistake, the struggle for a free Palestine is an anti-fascist struggle, and a struggle against both anti-semitism and islamophobia, as pointed out by people in the huge Jewish bloc on the march.

Now the struggle needs to go up another notch yet again. Braverman is a dangerous idiot who needs to be forced out of office, while the huge support in the UK for a ceasefire needs to be turned into more serious action. ** UPDATE: BRAVERMAN WAS SACKED TWO DAYS AFTER THIS MARCH ** Keep building the demonstrations, but now we need to seriously increase the boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign (boycotting MacDonalds and Starbucks would be a good start), and crucially, use our power as workers to halt the arms trade to Israel.

Yesterday showed how big – and how potentially powerful – this movement is getting. Now let’s use that power to bring this horrific genocide to a halt.

Thanks very much to Jess Charlton for additional footage.