Healthworkers for a Free Palestine demand a ceasefire

Running Time: 8 mins 20 secs

Hundreds of healthworkers demonstrated outside the Department of Health in London demanding they condemn the attacks on Palestinian hospitals, schools, homes and mosques; calling for the UK to end all arms sales to Israel; and to end its complicity in the genocide of the Palestinians.

We also heard really upsetting details from Palestinian doctors of the inhuman conditions they are having to work under, amidst the constant threat of death.

This was all organised under the banner of Healthworkers for a Free Palestine, one of numerous self-organised groups to have sprung up in London over the past few weeks as the movement rapidly grows to stop Israel’s ethnic cleansing.

The evening finished with a vigil outside Downing Street, where the names of healthworkers who have been murdered in the non-stop bombardment of Gaza were read out.

Tragically, that list is already way out of date, with even worse atrocities committed at hospitals in Gaza in subsequent days. It’s up to all of us to do everything we can to stop that list getting even longer.